Twin Mountain

Twin Mountain, by Carol Chase Bjerke & Carol S. Hinote, is a unique dos-a-dos clothbound book with pull-out ‚ÄúTraveling Mountain‚ÄĚ pop-up. Featured are Bjerke‚Äôs photo works and handmade books, and Hinote‚Äôs colorful paintings and collages. These works complement each other in content and style, each telling stories of growth and renewal.

This book is an homage to spiritual places. It is also a statement about connection. A collaboration by two women who first worked together to establish a Woman-House-type studio and gallery in rural Michigan in 1977. In the decades since, both have continued to produce large bodies of thoughtful and creative art while doing other jobs, raising children, facilitating community activities, moving from place to place, and always keeping in touch. Now in their seventies, they honor their enduring friendship, careers, and evolving interests with a beautifully presented collection of artwork about the mountains they each know and love.

For Bjerke mountains are rooted in activities, aesthetics, and a sense of landscape she has carried with her since childhood. She left her native New Hampshire as a young adult, yet even after many years living in the Midwest she still catches herself looking for peaks along the horizon. Mountain has become a recurrent theme throughout her long art career, both as a symbol of refuge and discovery, and as a motif for fostering experimentation in her art.
Hinote’s interest in mountains came later in life, after she left her native Michigan and moved to the Southwest. Her art over the last ten years tells the dramatic story of falling in love with the flora, wildlife, and vistas around a cabin where she spends time on a particular mountain in New Mexico. The circumstances of her story are both tragic and joyful, and her artwork expresses it all with her characteristic passion, poignancy, and playfulness.

2020 hardcover clothbound dos-a-dos structure with pull-out pop-up
Designed and edited by Carol Chase Bjerke
Digital printing, 96 pages, 71 illustrations 11.25 x 8.75 inches
$65.00 includes tax but not shipping
Available from or
ISBN 978-0-578-67730-9

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