Life Boat

The original art featured in Life Boat is Part One of Carol Chase Bjerke’s “Art and Healing”trilogy done in response to her experiences with cancer diagnosis and treatment. The rowboat metaphor in these photo-based mixed media prints and collages deftly and thoughtfully recounts the process of making one’s way through uncharted waters. This work is at once poignant and playful, serious and hopeful. Readers who have firsthand experience with cancer treatment describe it as “right on.” It also resonates with people facing other types of difficult challenges. And all agree that Life Boat is a beautiful little book. This digital printing follows a 1998 edition of 75 handmade copies. CLICK HERE to view the artwork.

2020 paperback
Digital printing, 32 pages, 18 illustrations, 9.5 x 6 inches
$20.00 plus tax
Publisher: Borderland Books 2020
Also available directly from
ISBN: 978-1-7321322-4-5

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