Hidden Agenda

The original art featured in Hidden Agenda is Part Two of Carol Chase Bjerke’s “Art and Healing” trilogy done in response to her experiences with cancer diagnosis and treatment. Hidden Agenda is a large-scale multi-faceted art project about living with an ostomy after treatment for colorectal cancer.
An ostomy is a surgical reconfiguration of the intestine to create a stoma, or opening in the abdominal wall through which body wastes pass – a medical procedure used as standard treatment for a variety of gastrointestinal diseases. This intensely personal and informative book is tastefully, thoughtfully, and beautifully presented, and provides a vehicle for long-overdue discussions about a previously unspeakable topic.
Hidden Agenda should be required reading for all healthcare workers including medical and clinical practitioners, nurses, medical students, psychologists, and everyone involved with research in the field of Gastroenterology. People with ostomies will find affirmation and support, as will their family members and friends. This book also provides inspiration for artists and others concerned with the healing power of creativity. CLICK HERE to view the artwork.

96 pages, with 65 full-color reproductions of the artwork.
ISBN 978-0-9815620-0-1
Published by Borderland Books www.borderlandbooks.net
Also available directly from cleechasebjerke@mindspring.com