Accordion Postcard Books

These books were done as part of the TOUCH/STONES series about some of the things people do with stones. A person picks up a stone and places it on a stone, and there is evidence of their having been at that place. All images were made on the Aran Islands, County Galway, Ireland. The accordion postcard format is patterned after a traditional photo travel souvenir - also evidence of a person having been at that place.

Two versions, titled respectively: WALLS, and TOUCH/STONES
Offset printing
Folded size: c. 5 X 7 inches with ¼” double scored spine
Opens to: c. 39 X 7 inches
Stock: 12 pt. Tango C1sCover
Cover envelope 80 lb.Royal Fiber stock: 6 x 8 inches
Available from:
$25.00 each
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