Tourist in Eden

It began as a grad school exploration of color negative film and processing. My choice of a toy camera for the project was fortuitous. Images made through the crude plastic lens are intimate, naturalistic, and ageless. All meshed beautifully, and evolved from basic technical considerations through an in-depth study of perception and human interaction with the environment. The series shifted to black and white and continued to grow for decades, while also informing other bodies of work right up to the present day.

It has to do with ways of seeing and being in the world.
We are integral to the landscape that surrounds us.
It is as fragile as we are.
The balance is precarious.
Presence and absence.
Beauty and tension.
Connection and isolation.
Intimacy and loneliness.
The yin and yang of it all.
Tread lightly.
Carry a camera, preferably a lightweight one.

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images 1 to 4 of 19
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